Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Infrared Saunas Differ From Traditional

Traditional saunas have had a good run and enjoy a sizeable following to this day, but a lot of people today are discovering the advantages of infrared saunas. Here’s a look at what makes infrared saunas so effective.

Infrared saunas look very much like their traditional counterparts, except there are no hot coals in sight since their heat is pumped out by special built-in infrared heaters. These infrared heaters are typically found on the sides and top portion of the sauna.

Digging deeper into the heating elements, you will find that one of the major differences between traditional and infrared saunas concern their heating intensities. A traditional dry sauna is quite stuffy, to say the least, pumping out temperatures as high as 195 degree F, which can be rather too much for heat-sensitive people. On the other hand, infrared saunas are much milder, and typically heat up to only about 150 degrees. You’ll find infrared saunas more comfortable as the heat they produce gets absorbed into the body much deeper and faster, even at lower temperatures.

Finally, certain infrared sauna variants come with organic carbon heating elements that affect a huge surface area and create a much cooler surface temperature. This feature helps ensure more even heating, making an infrared carbon sauna a good choice indeed for any discerning customer.

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