Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dry Sauna's Advantages Over Steam Rooms

Dry saunas and steam rooms alike work based on the principle that heat has positive effects on the body. In terms of health benefits, it will always depend on each person’s condition, but generally, both heat-producing rooms can help you improve your blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and some bodily pains, and allow you to sweat to detoxify your body or improve your metabolism to burn calories.
Although both have unique pros and cons, there are some advantages that dry saunas offer, which make them a great choice for a lot of people. A few are:

Air isn’t too humid.
The chambers of an infrared sauna have low humidity because of dry heat, so it’s not difficult to breathe or see inside (the biggest drawback in steam rooms). This is also suitable for people with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, which can be aggravated by humid air.

Surfaces are less slippery.
Infrared saunas have wooden surfaces, which won’t heat up too much in these chambers. They’re also quite porous (so they absorb moisture) and rough in texture, so the benches and floors aren’t slippery. 

Activities inside are not too limited.
You can move around and clearly see where you’re going, read a book or magazine, and do other activities you can tolerate inside a dry sauna because there’s no cloudy steam.

It’s hotter.
If your main purpose is to sweat a lot, dry heat from infrared technology can do the job faster, so you don’t have to stay too long for detox or weight loss.

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