Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Is There A Good Wood Choice For Saunas?

Saunas currently for sale in the market are made using a wide variety of woods. While almost any type of wood can technically be used to build saunas, though, specific types seem to fare much better than others.

Of all the usable woods for saunas, cedar has proven to be the undisputed choice in terms of popularity. Cedar gains attention basically for its light appearance and natural resistance to decay, though these perks often come at a heftier price tag. That being said, cedar exudes an innate pleasant aroma which can make a sauna session more appealing, and it also stays cool to the touch even when sauna heat is at its peak. 

Another popular wood choice is hemlock. Sauna manufacturers praise this wood for its hypoallergenic properties, good balance of strength and weight, and resistance to shrinkage.  In addition, hemlock is heralded for its scentless, resin-free properties that sport a uniform structure, making it easy to work with. 

You might prefer a different type of wood altogether, whether oak, hickory, magnolia, sycamore, birch, elm, or sweet gum. If you’re in the market for an infrared sauna, you need not worry about the wood ever warping as this type of sauna produces gentle dry heat.

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