Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Taking Care of your Sauna Unit

Buying a low EMF far infrared sauna may be one of the best wellness investments you’ll ever make. Think about it: you can have your own piece of “hot paradise” without having to sign up for sauna services at a spa practice somewhere in town, and reap a raft of health benefits in the process. While many manufacturers take pride in their sauna units and will even help you set it up at home, it pays for you to learn how to take care of it on your own.

Power Off

Schedule a day for putting the unit on downtime and disconnect it from their socket beforehand. Even then, the cord must be away from any liquids. 

Inside Clean

Over time, the sauna unit’s interior chamber may experience wear and tear from the heat and the composition of toxic substances secreted as sweat. You will need all-natural substances to treat the wooden structure and flooring. The owner’s manual will state which cleaning products are fit for use. Take care so that no water touches the infrared emitter to prevent reduced effectiveness.

No Other Uses!

Your preferred manufacturer will underline using the infrared sauna for its intended purpose only. This means you cannot use it for other purposes like say using it as a clothes dryer or (gasp!) a place to store dehydrated produce.

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