Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Choosing the Right Sauna Element Type

Regardless whether you are going for a near infrared sauna or a far infrared one, one of the things that you need to consider before you make a purchase is the type of element that it uses. There are different infrared elements out in the market today, namely metal, ceramic and carbon.

Ceramic Element

Ceramic rod is considered to be the most popular element used among the three. It can be quite affordable allowing the sauna unit to be priced lower as well. Now, since ceramic rods tend to have a smaller surface area, it might not be the most effective in bigger models of infrared sauna.


Individuals with sensitive skin can find infrared emitted by metal elements as quite discomforting especially if they are sitting directly in front of it. Depending on how the element is placed, you might also feel an uneven heating inside the sauna unit, with most heat not really penetrating your skin and muscles. This is the reason why you might not see much unit with metal element.

Carbon Element

When it comes to elements, carbon is considered to be the most preferred. According to a number of infrared carbon sauna reviews, carbon element allows for an equal distribution of heat. Aside from being able to emit the correct wavelength, the wavelength that they emit also has the ability to penetrate the skin layers and reach the muscles.

Of the three, they are also considered to be the most durable and can give the best value for your money. Take note, though, that they can be expensive compared to the other two elements.

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