Thursday, December 24, 2015

Combat Desk Job Health Risks with Infrared Saunas

Recent findings have shed light on the dangers of prolonged sitting, a situation that millions of desk job workers are familiar with on a daily basis. Researchers have linked high blood pressure and cholesterol build-up to sitting down for extended periods of time. Furthermore, such a lifestyle can also lead to muscle degeneration, which results in disorders in various parts of the body.

Many people have little choice in the matter. Once you get out of the office and into your home, however, you have the power to combat the effects of prolonged sitting with the help of infrared saunas.

Gym Alternative

As much as you want to hit the gym after work, a busy day can leave you with little energy to do so. If you still wish to sweat vigorously and get your heart pumping, consider spending a few minutes inside an infrared sauna. In fact, it is possible to burn as high as 600 calories in a 21-minute sauna session.

Muscle Rejuvenation

An infrared heat sauna can also help relieve muscle and back cramps, which can happen to people who spend too much time on an office chair. Spending time in a soothing place like an infrared sauna, even just for 15 minutes, also contributes to an overall relaxed mind and body, thus lessening fatigue from a long day of sitting down.

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