Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Medical Value of Far Infrared

Generally, the first thing that comes to mind when the word “infrared” is mentioned is of red light shooting from bar code scanners and such. In truth, there’s more to infrared than just remote controls and scanners.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Infrared is considered to be part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are between 700 nm and 1 mm. They cannot be easily detected by the human eye which is why, even though we are surrounded by it, we rarely notice its presence.

Common Applications of Infrared

Some of the most common industrial uses of infrared would be in night vision apparatus, CCTV cameras, and remote controls. Infrared, however, also has medical value. For one, the best infrared sauna in town can help you lose weight, improve blood flow, and even improve your immune system.

Proven Medical Value

A number of studies have shown that infrared, particularly when used in sauna, be quite effective in carrying out toxins within via sweating. Apart from this, an infrared sauna can also help invigorate the skin by opening up pores and allowing dirt to be washed away by sweat. Since the blood circulation is also improved, the skin tissue is able to receive oxygen more efficiently allowing it to be healthier and have a pinkish glow.

Infrared sauna can also help in muscle relaxation as well as in dealing with body aches and pains. Since the tissue gets heat up, the dilation of the blood vessels can lead to improved tissue repair.

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