Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What You Need to Know About Infrared

Just as there are sound waves that are too high or too low for the human ear to hear, there are also parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are invisible to the human eye. One such part is what is known as the infrared radiation.

Located just below the red part of the spectrum and outside the visible section, infrared radiation is the type that can be felt by a human being as heat. Although it is not easily detected by the naked eye, it still behaves in the same manner as the visible part of the spectrum. This means, it can be reflected and refracted, and has the ability to create interference pattern.

The Different Uses of Infrared

Infrared can typically be found in remote controls and motion detectors, as well as in optical fibers. In the case of the latter, information, converted into infrared, is transferred from one computer to the next using optical fiber. Not so long ago, it was also used in transferring data from one mobile phone to another. One other use of infrared that has been gaining popularity of late is in saunas.

There are two popular types of sauna currently in the market that makes use of infrared, namely near infrared and far infrared saunas. While both types of sauna operate using the same science, they are recommended for two different types of situations. For example, far infrared saunas are recommended for those who would just like to detoxify.

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