Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Your Guide to Buying Your First Sauna

During winter time, the idea of spending an hour or so inside the sauna can be very tempting. You just have one problem: you do not have a sauna yet. Now, when you do decide to get one, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Which model should you go with?

Saunas can typically be a premade model which you can build on your own, or could come as a kit in which case you would need some idea on how to get it all set up. Still, there are those who sell custom built saunas that sauna manufacturers can put up on site for you. The cost of each one would depend on the size as well as if there are additional features that you want installed.

Where should your sauna go?

Saunas can be installed indoors or outdoors. There are even companies who sell infrared portable sauna that can be used outdoors so long as you have installed extra insulation in order to help keep the heat inside. The outdoor option is great for those who would like their sauna to open up to the pool. If you do not have a pool, however, or if you want your sauna to be in a secure place, you should have it installed indoors.

What heat source should you use?

Saunas make use of different heating materials. For example, traditional saunas make use of heated stones in order to increase the temperature inside. On the other hand, an infrared portable sauna would most likely make use of carbon or ceramic heating elements.

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