Friday, January 8, 2016

Have You Tried a Far Infrared Sauna?

Far infrared saunas are increasing in popularity today as more and more people start to try them. IR saunas are powered by ceramic or carbon heaters that are able to generate a calm and soothing 140 degree Fahrenheit environment that is both therapeutic and relaxing. 

Studies have shown that far IR saunas have benefits that can help a person feel better. Whether you are relaxing in an IR sauna in your home or in a health club, you will find that you have more energy and greater peace of mind once you get out of a nice sauna.

Reducing Inflammation

If you are an athlete who is looking for a way to speed your recovery time after an injury or a tough workout, then an IR sauna may be just the thing that you are looking for. The warmth helps your joints reduce inflammation. IR saunas can also increase the body's circulation. This means that your muscles get the extra blood and oxygen that they need following a demanding workout.

Great for the Body

A far IR sauna is also a good choice for those who are recovering from surgery. Near IR therapy can help the skin heal by promoting faster cell regeneration. The benefits of a far IR sauna make it a great addition to your daily routine. In as little as 30 minutes, you can enjoy all of these benefits. You can also lose up to 600 calories with very little effort as you sit and relax.

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