Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Benefits of Using an Infrared Carbon Sauna

Looking for the right type of sauna? Perhaps you have already checked many infrared carbon sauna reviews all over the Internet. From the info you have gathered, you may have come across claims that spending time in a sauna can cure certain illnesses.

Currently, there are no studies that prove any connection between sauna use and curative effects on specific illnesses. However, sauna use still has its perks. Infrared carbon saunas do have some health and wellness benefits.

     Induces sweating – Sweating itself is one of the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. It  removes toxins from the body, soothes muscle soreness, and provides a sense of well-being and relaxation.

     Helps lower blood pressure – Naturopathic studies have shown that  increased sweating that saunas induce is a safe and alternative way of lowering blood pressure.

     Increases heart rate – The same studies point out that time spent in an infrared sauna increases the heart rate similar to light-to-moderate exercise, which helps circulation.

     Helps burn calories - Infrared carbon saunas can possibly help the body burn up to 600 calories, such as what you get when jogging. Note, however, that an infrared sauna is not a replacement for exercise, but can complement a person’s exercise regimen.

Last but not the least, an infrared carbon sauna also has economical benefits. There are models that can be installed at home for less than one would spend by going regularly to a spa for sauna sessions. 

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