Friday, February 5, 2016

Choosing the Best Infrared Sauna

In recent years, infrared saunas have come to be considered more practical and, at times, better than conventional saunas. However, because of the sheer number of choices available, even among the same brands, means that you need to know what to look for when choosing the best infrared sauna.

Heater Type

Infrared saunas use either ceramic or carbon fiber heaters. Ceramic heaters have a smaller surface area, but can target a larger portion of the body due to a reflective plate, which is great for people who want to sweat fast. Carbon fiber heaters, on the other hand, provide more even heat distribution due its large flat surface area, making it more suitable for long therapeutic sauna sessions that require less heat.


Infrared heaters are already considered safe, but if you want to look for more assurances, you can take a look at its low EMF (electromagnetic fields). While there is no conclusive proof or studies that point to high EMF as a health risk, a low EMF infrared sauna is one that errs on the side of safety.

Durability and Availability of Parts

An infrared sauna may be more affordable than a conventional sauna, but it is still an investment that you want to last for a long time. Ideally, you need to look for saunas from providers who make the parts themselves or, at least, can order the parts for you. This makes repairs easier and you’re more likely to get durability.

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