Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keep Yourself Healthy with a No EMF Infrared Sauna

If you just so happen to be in the market for a sauna, as you shop for the right one, keep in mind that the infrared saunas work by emitting electromagnetic frequencies that produce the heat that you feel. The lower the EMF rating, the better. This is why you should always be on the look out for the sauna with the lowest EMF rating. A no EMF sauna can actually be one of the best and safest choices for those who are concerned with the possible risks associated with EMF exposure.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Benefits of Low EMF Far-Infrared Sauna

Treating yourself to a low EMF far-infrared sauna once in a while may seem like an expensive indulgence, but this is not really the case. While your main reason for having a regular sauna routine might be just to relax and get rid of yourself of the stress of daily life, there are actually a lot health benefits you can get from it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

In today’s fast-paced world, it has become almost impossible for one to relax. However, if you want to be more productive or simply live a quality life despite the nature of your job, it is important to pamper yourself once in awhile and get the rest that you deserve. With some time spent in an infrared sauna, that could be easy.

Monday, March 21, 2016

3 Factors to Consider in a Home Infrared Sauna

When buying an infrared sauna for your home, you need to consider several factors to ensure that you get what you paid for. This way, you can have a personal sauna that perfectly meets your needs and preferences. So, before making a purchase, don’t forget to consider these factors.

How to Choose the Best Infrared Sauna to Buy for Your Wellness Needs

Saunas have been used since the early days as a way to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Just as the times have changed, however, so has the technology that governs devices like saunas. Whereas most traditional saunas generate heat within the space to warm up the body, newer ones known as infrared sauna units use far infrared technology to heat up the body from within. There are various benefits to using far infrared devices over traditional ones. Some of which are highlighted below. Safer, Lower Temperatures While most traditional saunas can reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, infrared ones have much lower temperatures. This creates an environment that is much safer for users, especially those who aren't used to being exposed to extreme heat.

Relaxation Benefits of Installing a No EMF Infrared Sauna in Your Home

Nothing beats a session of unwinding and relaxing in a sauna after a busy day. The pleasant heat produced in the sauna’s interior gives your body a beneficial and holistic experience. Nowadays, however, you can have your very infrared sauna installed at home. Rather than dealing with the hassle of going to the gym, you can just sit back and let the sauna do all the hard work for you. Efficient Warming Traditional saunas create a supercharged space that you can sit down in. The infrared options, however, are a little different. These systems work by using invisible light waves to warm up any surfaces they come in contact with. With this technology, you can effectively raise your core body temperature without heating up the entire space. This makes them more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Work Up a Sweat to a Healthier Lifestyle in an Infrared Sauna at Home

If you love relaxing in the warmth of a sauna, then you’ll be excited to learn more about the infrared options. Unlike the traditional saunas of the past, this style features lower heat and EMF emission levels so that you can comfortably remain inside longer. You’ll also be able work up more sweat without having to worry about overheating. People throughout the nation are using home infrared sauna systems for detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, and more. How They Work This type of sauna should be used daily for the best results. Unlike the traditional hot rock and steam saunas that achieve temperatures of 200 degrees or higher, these saunas maintain lower temperatures that are safer and more effective.

Think Infrared Heat Sauna to Sweat Away Your Body's Harmful Toxins

Many people have considered buying a home sauna because of the numerous health benefits that they offer. In recent years, a revolution has come to home sauna technology in the form of the far infrared heat wave sauna. The new infrared sauna heaters used in the latest models are superior to the old forms of saunas for several reasons. The Penetration of Infrared Waves and Saunas The reason that these far infrared wave-powered saunas are so much better than the older traditional forms of saunas lies in the depth of penetration. These waves penetrate well into the human body and cause a much deeper heating action. Your sweat glands become active from this. In fact, it is the sweat glands that provide the best and almost only means for the body to rid itself of the toxins inside the body through sweating.

Infrared Sauna: A 4-Step Guide For Beginners

Just bought an infrared sauna, but unsure how to use it? Don’t worry because it’s not that hard to enjoy and benefit from it. Follow these four steps to help get you started.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Advisable Frequency of Sauna Use

With the many purported health benefits brought on by the use of sauna, it’s no wonder that more and more people are becoming interested in allotting more time for this “sit-down workout” session. For newcomers to the sauna fan club, however, it’s understandably why they would be concerned about the proper use of the room. The most common questions involve the length of time that they can stay inside, whether the heat will not be bad for the skin, and how often they can come for a session.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Detoxification with Infrared Carbon Saunas

Claims that sauna bathing can help in the detoxification process of the body has been investigated and confirmed over the years. Most of these start with the thesis that spending a limited amount of time in a heated room such as an infrared carbon sauna will be able to activate the sweat glands, which then facilitates heavy sweating, ridding the body of chemical and toxic metal in the process.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Infrared Sauna Home System: How It Works and How It Is Different

A home sauna is a major investment that has an excellent return rate. From a financial standpoint, it is an improvement to your home that can make it a more inviting prospect on the market. You'll also find that you'll save on the cost of regular visits to the day spa or pricey getaways to resorts that include a sauna as an amenity. Health-wise, sauna sessions can improve circulation and rid the body of impurities accumulated on a daily basis. It has sanity benefits, as well. Heat bathing is widely considered a social activity when done in the company of others, though it works just as well as a solitary, relaxation method that allows a momentary escape from life's troubles. What type of sauna to install in your home will depend on what your requirements are. There are traditional setups that use heated air, which are perfect for people who look forward to lounging in higher temperatures and a more humid environment.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Why You Should Consider Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you feel like your energy channels are blocked off, resulting to your compromised health? Most say that once you get rid of your stress, you’re bound to feel a whole lot better. There is scientific truth to it as well, as various studies have linked stress to the aggravation or creation of several health problems, from the heart to the gut, and even the brain.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Difference Between Far and Near Infrared Saunas

If you are set on investing in an infrared sauna for your home, you need to do your research and find out what particular kind works best for you. There are commonly two variations of infrared saunas: far infrared sauna and near infrared sauna.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Basic Tips for the Proper Use of Sauna

Sweating it out in the sauna is one effective way to keep in shape. This heated space can help bring you relaxation, relief of joint and muscle pains, and detoxification. However, one shouldn’t just go in without knowing the proper use of a sauna. Because of the high temperature inside, you must make the necessary precautions to ensure a safe session.