Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Infrared Sauna: Tips on Getting One for Your House

Once upon a time, only the privileged and the wealthy could own an infrared home sauna. Now, however, all that has changed. Infrared saunas have become mainstream as more and more people look for ways to keep their health at tiptop condition. If you’ve always wanted to install one in your own house, here are some questions that first needs to be addressed.

Buy or DIY?

Before buying the materials you need to build a DIY home sauna, make sure that you can commit the time and effort to do so. Remember that this is not a simple DIY project, so if you haven’t done any type of serious construction, this may not be the most ideal first project to undertake.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Whether you’re going to get your infrared home sauna installed indoors or outdoors depends on a factors like space and personal preference. While having your sauna outdoors will allow you to have a view of, say a garden or a nearby forest, you’ll be putting it to through the harsh effects of the ever-changing weather. This will require you to spend extra for additional insulation.

Type of Wood

There are a number of wood options you can choose from, but the most recommended ones are Red Canadian cedar and hemlock. These two are superior because of their durability and overall quality.

The bottomline is simple. Before you spend a fortune on your own infrared sauna, do your research, so you can get one that’s worth every dollar.

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