Friday, July 22, 2016

Double the Benefits with Far Infrared Saunas and Hot/Cold Therapy

Frequent sauna users are more or less knowledgeable on how they can further maximize their trips to the sauna. They not only stay seated in the heated room for 15 minutes at a time, they also integrate cold showers in between to facilitate a nice contrast bath.

What is this technique all about, though, and how is it something that you should try out to the next time you use far infrared saunas?

Technical Definition Technically speaking, a contrast bath involves the immersion of the body in ice cold water and then afterwards switching to warm water immediately. This goes on for several times, “shocking” the body into vastly contrasting temperatures.

The science behind this technique is that the body’s exposure to warm water can improve the blood flow all throughout, while the cold water increases blood circulation in local areas. This helps fresh blood cells sustain healthier organs.

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