Thursday, July 14, 2016

Zero EMF Infrared Sauna: How to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

While a no EMF infrared sauna is proven safe and beneficial to users, some people may experience some discomfort. There are different reasons why this could happen, and this is why it’s important to follow certain steps and guidelines before getting into a sauna. The good news is you can prevent potential distress by keeping these in mind.


The reason why users should only use saunas at a certain period of time is to avoid overheating. Carrying a thermometer with you inside the sauna should help you keep track of your temperature. A timer is also useful as it lets you know when you’ve already reached the end of your session. You should also be aware of signs of overheating, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. Once you start feeling “off” or experiencing overheating symptoms, step out of the sauna and take a cool shower.

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