Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chromotherapy and the Best Infrared Sauna Session

When searching online for the best infrared sauna, you may have come across the many accessories you can purchase to add value to your home sauna. Among the add-ons you can buy are chromotherapy, or color therapy, lights. This alternative therapy uses the broad spectrum of colors to stimulate certain body parts and promote healing.

There are many conditions that may be treated through regulated sauna sessions coupled with chromotherapy.

Mental Illness

Studies have shown that cool colors with shorter wavelengths, such as blue, indigo, and violet, are ideal for mental stimulation. They have electrifying properties that can soothe the nerves. Certain mental conditions, such as delirium and nervousness, can be mitigated by these cool colors.

Muscle Aches

Pain in the neck and trunk area may also be soothed with blue, violet, or indigo light. Warm colors, or those with longer wavelengths like red, orange, and yellow, help to increase blood flow. In addition, these types of lights can help in relieving pain in the joints or lower limbs.

Digestive Disorders

Yellow lights help to stimulate appetite as well as improve the secretion of digestive juices. In chromotherapy, yellow is often designated for use in relieving constipation. Cool colors like blue and violet are often used to increase the production of saliva, helping in better digestion of food.

These are only a few of the ways in which chromotherapy lights can make your infrared sauna sessions more beneficial for your body and mind.

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