Saturday, October 8, 2016

Infrared Saunas with Chromotherapy Lights

When you buy an infrared sauna, you have the option of purchasing accessories to enhance your sauna experience. Chromotherapy lights are among the add-ons that you have the option of installing. Besides creating a soothing ambiance in the sauna, there are other benefits you can reap from these lights.

Research has shown that chromotherapy, or color therapy, offers various health benefits, both physical and mental. By setting the correct colors and brightness of lights in your sauna, you can enhance the benefits that you will experience during your session.

Warm Colors

The warm color spectrum includes red, yellow, and orange. These colors have heating properties, and can stimulate and increase the flow of blood in the body. In color therapy, reds and yellows are used to promote healthy digestion.

Cool Colors

For problems with the brain and the nerves around the neck, colors like indigo, blue, and violet are ideal. This spectrum has electrical and soothing properties that may relieve nervousness and rheumatism.

There are many other ways in which chromotherapy lights can improve your overall well-being. As an alternative form of therapy, these lights can be used alongside conventional treatments for pain and other disorders.

Install a chromotherapy light in your sauna, and you will surely reap the benefits of relaxation and improved health. If you would like further information, consult with your health professional or infrared sauna specialist.

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