Monday, October 10, 2016

Keeping Your Far Infrared Sauna in Top Shape

To ensure that you’re reaping the health benefits of regular sauna therapy, you should be diligent in caring for your home sauna. With proper maintenance and regulated usage, you can expect your sauna to serve you and your family for many years to come.

Caring for Wood Components

As the seats and walls of the infrared sauna are made from mostly wood parts, proper care is needed when cleaning them. It is advised that you use non-toxic cleaning materials that are recommended by the sauna manufacturer.

Windows and Floors

When the sauna is not in use, allow the cabin to air out and dry for some time. You can use a vacuum or a soft broom to sweep the floors and clear it of debris. Avoid scrubbing the area with abrasive sponges as it can damage the wood. For the windows, use a gentle glass cleaner to prevent moisture stains and buildup.

Being Smart about Usage

Make sure that the power source of the sauna is kept away from moisture. In addition, the infrared tubes within the heaters should be kept away from water, so be careful when you’re cleaning the interior.

Another smart tip when owning a home infrared sauna is to be mindful about your usage time. Staying too long in the sauna may pose health risks for some individuals, and may also decrease the efficiency of the heating components. As such, it is recommended that you shut off the power after every use.

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