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There’s no denying it, installing a low EMF far infrared sauna in your home is a good idea. After all, regular sessions in a sauna have a lot of recognized benefits for your body and overall health. For starters, you will find your immune system getting a much needed boost. You will also notice that your skin is a lot smoother and clearer.

Nevertheless, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to make sure that your experience inside a far infrared sauna is safe and enjoyable. Here are a few:

Be Sure to Hydrate Before and After Your Sauna Session

Remember that when you go inside the sauna, you will be exposed to a significant amount of heat, which can easily leave your body dehydrated. In fact, a 2005 report from Harvard Medical School revealed that you can lose as much as a pint of water from your body during one session in the sauna.

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If you have never tried having a far infrared sauna session, there’s no better time to start than now. For starters, going to the sauna regularly is believed to bring about a number of benefits including increased endurance, improved immune system, and clearer, softer skin. At the same time, it has also become much easier to have a sauna installed in your own home so you never have to go out just to enjoy a session.

If you are a sauna first-timer and are worried you won’t be able to do a session correctly, there’s no need to worry.Below you’ll find a number of tips that can help guide you so that your first sauna experience will be an enjoyable and safe one:

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Sunday, February 19, 2017


For just about anyone, a session inside a far infrared sauna may be just what the doctor ordered. After all, a session can help keep you healthy and glowing amidst all the stress and worries that you deal with on a daily basis. Did you know, however, that there are other benefits provided by the far infrared sauna that may just surprise you?

Here are a few amazing reasons why you should spend some time inside a far infrared sauna:

It Improves Your Body's Endurance

Ever wondered if you can still push towards that last mile when you're running a marathon? That won’t be much of a problem anymore if you take some time to lounge around inside a far infrared sauna. Regular sessions can help increase your tolerance to heat, which leads to an improvement in your athletic performance, especially when it comes to endurance sports.

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Imagine this. You have just come home from a long day at the office, and all you can think about is relaxing and winding down. You want something to treat yourself with, something that would help melt all that stress away. In this case, all you need to do is enjoy a session in your very own far infrared sauna. It's the perfect treatment to de-stress, and at the same time, improve your overall health.

In fact, here are some far infrared sauna benefits that can easily make your body a whole lot healthier.

It Detoxifies your Body Naturally

Because a treatment in a far infrared sauna will make you sweat, your body can eliminate any of its unwanted toxins. This is especially helpful if you enjoyed a party the day before and ended up indulging in too many guilty treats.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017


When shopping for an infrared sauna, avoid buying based merely on design and price. You can afford to be picky when making such a purchase, since it’s an investment. You will buy it not to add luxury to your home, but to keep your mind and body healthy and at peace. This is why it is essential that you know how to make the right purchase.

Tip 1: Read Reviews

Far infrared sauna reviews are a good source of information. Reading a few will help you determine the different types of models available, and what products are highly recommended. You can also get information about a certain product you have in mind, such as its features, pros and cons. Reviews can be a great place to get tips and advice on how to properly use a sauna, and reap its many benefits. When reading reviews, however, make sure that they are credible and reliable, and not just a promotional gimmick.

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Infrared saunas are becoming more popular these days among people who want to stay fit and healthy but don’t have the time or money to regularly go to the gym. It’s more of an investment than a luxury. Given this, it’s important to understand how it works before talking to the supplier and buying your first sauna. You can do this by obtaining information and tips from a well-written and reliable infrared sauna review.

As a form of research, reading reviews allows you to learn about what an infrared sauna is, its types, benefits, and how to use it.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

By using infrared energy that has a longer wavelength than visible light, an infrared sauna can heat your body directly. This heat penetrates deeper layers of your body, a process that lays the foundation for the sauna’s many health benefits.

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Friday, February 17, 2017


There really is no better way to relax than in an infrared sauna. The warm environment and quiet atmosphere let you transcend to a place where stress can’t reach you. A good place to start when looking for these practical and stress-relieving machines is reviews. Here are some characteristics to focus on that make assessing these reviews simple and fun.

Heating Source

Saunas have come a long way these past couple of years, and now feature innovative heating technology. You can select from traditional or far infrared saunas. The latter option is preferred by many as they stay around room temperature, which is advantageous because you won’t get too uncomfortable. You almost won’t even notice the temperature difference when in one of these saunas.

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Most people think of saunas as a way to simply sweat, but they have a lot of potential for other avenues of your life. Your mental well-being, for example, can benefit from these machines because of the peaceful atmosphere they offer. If you are considering one of these units for your home, here is everything you need to know.

Diverse Benefits

To know if one of these machines is right for you, it is important to be aware of all the benefits. Sweating is a great way to purify your body of toxins, and saunas facilitate perspiration because of their heat. Far infrared saunas, in particular, heat your body directly without warming the air. This helps you stay comfortable for a long time, compared to traditional saunas that use steam to warm the air.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Many homeowners today are looking to renovate to increase the value of their properties. You can easily achieve this with the addition of a sauna. These structures offer many health benefits, and you can select the right model if you know what to look for in advance.

Pre-Made or Custom Built

Whether you are looking for a one person or a 3 person infrared sauna, you can choose between pre-made or custom built. Electing to go with the former saves you time, as they are already built and ready to be shipped the moment you order one. You generally have different design options to choose from, whether you are looking for something circular or more rectangular-shaped.

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Many people today are looking to saunas as a way to better their life, both physically and mentally. But what model is right for you? Everyone has different needs, but there are certain attributes you should be focusing on to help you select the right model. Then, you can reap the benefits from your sauna any time you desire.


You need to strongly consider where your sauna is going to be placed before it is shipped, because you want everything to be ready as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to consider the size. If the sauna is quite large, such as a 2 person infrared sauna, it might be best to have it installed outside.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Infrared Sauna Benefits, and Its Many Excellent Advantages

 You know you have to take it easy, but with all the responsibilities that you have at home and at work, slowing down may not seem like an option. However, you can’t expect yourself to function at your best if your body and mind are tired.

As science will confirm, there are many reasons why you should incorporate relaxation into your lifestyle. Using an infrared sauna can help you do just that. Check out some of the great benefits relaxation offers.

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Why You Should Try Using the Far Infrared Low EMF Sauna

One session in the sauna is already enough to give you some serious health benefits, so imagine how much more you’d reap if you were to do it on a more regular basis. When it comes to sauna use, the common perception is that it is something you do out of luxury. It’s not something that most think needs to be done more than just once every other week or month, as there doesn’t seem to be any pressing need for it.

Contrary to that belief, however, many health benefits can be derived from simply sitting in the sauna for as little as 30 minutes, as evidenced by various studies from all over the world. These benefits are not just skin-deep, as it has been shown that the heat from the infrared sauna can facilitate faster muscle repair, enhance immunity, boost endurance, provide stress relief, and help you to better focus.

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The most common perception about infrared saunas is that they’re great for detoxification, clearing the skin, and promoting better musculoskeletal health. While this general overview is reflective of what this device can do, it doesn’t paint the whole picture.

While just about anyone can benefit from regular infrared sauna sessions (except those with health issues such as blood pressure or cardiovascular problems), there is a more specific group of people who can really benefit from this effective detoxification method: cancer patients.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Did you know that a far infrared sauna is known to be one of the most effective ways of flushing out heavy metal toxins and other chemicals from your body? It’s true: various studies have shown that metals such as aluminum and mercury trapped within the body can be flushed out, thanks to the intense sweat that is triggered by the infrared heat.

In fact, it is so effective that it is the preferred method of health practitioners when it comes to reducing the number of toxins inside a patient’s body, especially if they are undergoing serious treatment and procedures like chemotherapy.

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How an Infrared Home Sauna Fits into a Multigenerational Family

The well-known ‘nuclear family’ setup of two parents with 2.5 children is becoming less common in American life. In fact, nearly 4 million households in the US are reported to have at least three generations of family living together under one roof.

If you’re running a multigenerational household, you’ll understand the pressures of trying to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. It can be a challenge to ensure that your teenage son is recovering from his last football game, while supporting older parents with joint pain. Balancing everyone’s needs can make it extremely difficult for you to find some time to relax at the end of the day.

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Can Using a Home Infrared Sauna Help Prevent Dementia?

Many people have been affected by dementia. In fact, over 5 million people are thought to be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease in America, with many more being diagnosed with other forms of the disease.

A recent study has found links between regular sauna use and dementia diagnosis. Could people who use an infrared sauna at home be less likely to develop the disease?

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Infrared Sauna Benefits: Improve Your Health, Immunity, and Disposition

You may not think much about the impact of a trip to the sauna. After all, the foremost reason people go is to have some quiet time to themselves, or to catch up on some quality bonding with friends. Some people even go regularly as an aid in their weight loss efforts.

Indeed, there are many reasons why folks choose to go to the sauna. It may come as a surprise, but there are quite a few good things that can come out of regular trips to the sauna. Here are a few more infrared sauna benefits that may just convince you to go more frequently.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Read Infrared Sauna Reviews First to Make a Practical Purchase Decision

Did you know that you can enjoy a host of health benefits if you go to the sauna on a regular basis? Most people consider their trips to the sauna to be a once-every-other-week, or once-in-a-month treat for their tired, haggard selves.

For something that’s supposed to be relaxing, getting to it can be quite a chore. For instance, you’ll have to first find a break in your hectic schedule to squeeze in some “me time.” Then you’ll have to check with your spa to see if they can accommodate you on that day. Driving to and from your appointment can also take up time you may not have, especially if you are running on a tight schedule.

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Why You Should Buy an Infrared Sauna for Your Vacation Home

Few people can afford to have a vacation property in addition to their own home, especially one that they don’t rent out on a regular basis. This most likely means that when decorating and outfitting a vacation home, you’ll need to consider what renters want most. With the coming of the internet, renting out vacation properties has never been easier, giving renters an easy way to shop around.

It’s one thing to have a rental in a great location, but most vacationers want relaxation, and will look for properties with excellent amenities to make sure they get it. It’s hard to determine what features to include in your vacation home, but whether you’ve got a cabin in the snowy mountains or a beach villa, installing an infrared sauna is an easy way to set it apart from other rental properties.

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Let the Sweating Begin by Using a Home Infrared Sauna

Not many people like the idea of sweating. It’s thought of as embarrassing, smelly, dirty, and something that happens when you really don’t want it to. However, sweating is a very important bodily function that keeps you healthy. Here’s why using a home infrared sauna to induce sweating is a great idea.

Why Do You Sweat?

Sweating has many beneficial properties for the body. It helps cool down the body, send salt back into the bloodstream, and rid your body of unwanted toxins.

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One of the most common types of sauna on the market today is the far infrared model. What makes it different from the traditional sauna is that it does not rely on hot water or heated stones to produce steam and heat. Instead, it makes use of infrared heater panels to emit the energy it needs to warm up the user.

If you haven’t tried a far infrared sauna, and you need a bit more convincing, here are some reasons for you to make the switch from the traditional to this modern-day convenience.

Getting Started

There’s a huge discrepancy when it comes to the amount of heat required to get this kind of sauna to operate, versus the traditional steam unit. In the traditional model, you will need at least 180 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit to get it ready for use. Far infrared saunas, on the other hand, require a much lower degree of temperature, specifically 90 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shopping for the Best Infrared Sauna in Town can be as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Buying an infrared sauna doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly, either. After all, it’s something that you will be using on a regular basis (ideally, that is), and you wouldn’t want your personal sessions interrupted just because it suddenly stops working one day.

Whether or not you consider it to be an investment, it’s clear that buying a personal infrared sauna entails serious research to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Here are some basic tips that could lead you one step closer to finding the best infrared sauna.

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If you’ve just been introduced to the wonderful and amazing world of far infrared saunas, you might have a lot of questions about it. The concept of a sauna is easy enough to understand: it is a popular and effective form of cleansing and detoxification that originated in Finland.

However, those interested in getting a far infrared sauna need a clearer understanding of the technology behind it to know exactly how it works, and the health benefits it can provide.

Is It Safe?

Unlike traditional saunas that rely on the steam from hot water or heated rocks to generate heat, infrared saunas use infrared heater panels. By utilizing infrared energy, the heat generated goes directly to the targeted area, which allows it to reach deep into the muscles and tissues, providing heat at a more concentrated level.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Infrared Sauna Therapy is New Method of Improving Athletic Performance

Athletes undergo strenuous training on a regular basis to ensure that they maintain or keep improving their level of performance. With all the stress and pressure that their bodies undergo, it’s inevitable that their muscles become worn and exhausted. Their susceptibility to musculoskeletal injuries also becomes greater, which puts at risk not only their health but also their athletic careers.

While there are many medical technologies and special approaches to physical fitness that these athletes utilize, there is one that has proven to be just as effective without them having to do anything, literally.

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By now, you’ve probably heard about all the wonderful benefits that you can enjoy with regular and consistent use of the far infrared sauna. From stress relief to meditation, muscle repair and overall relaxation, there is certainly a lot to enjoy in as little as 30 minutes per session.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that you have been seriously considering the recommendation of your friends to get a unit for your home. It may not necessarily be at the forefront of your priorities, but the variety of available designs and features can make you want to go for the investment.

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How a No EMF Far Infrared Sauna is an Excellent Weight Loss Tool

Losing weight and keeping it off seems to be everybody’s main goal year in, year out. While everyone knows the tips and tricks when it comes to diet and exercise, there is another option that not everybody has considered: a no EMF far infrared sauna.

Weight Loss

A sauna is specifically designed to make your body sweat by heating it in a safe and controlled manner. Many pro athletes and fitness professionals use saunas to quickly shed a few pounds by losing water weight and excess fluids. While you do need to rehydrate afterwards, you tend not to reach the same weight as before, thus promoting weight loss.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Shopping for a Low or No EMF Infrared Sauna for Safer Detoxification

Having your very own in-home infrared sauna is such an exciting prospect. You get to have the opportunity to enjoy it as often as you like, without any need to sign up for a spa membership. It also saves you the time and effort of driving all the way to the spa just to have access to the sauna.

It can still be considered a home luxury item, though, so it’s important for you to take a good, close look at the features of the unit you are intending to buy. Here are some important considerations that you should factor in to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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Suffering from Chronic Pain? Look for a Far Infrared Sauna for Sale

Pain is something that you can’t escape from, no matter how hard you try. For most people, pain is only a temporary thing that occurs because of an injury. There are many others, however, who suffer from chronic pain related to lifelong medical conditions.

For these people, pain is usually managed through medicine and therapies. Although it is often overlooked, heat therapy has been shown to provide effective, safe pain relief for those suffering from chronic conditions. In fact, scientists and researchers are now studying the far infrared sauna as a therapeutic treatment for chronic pain, and the results are promising.

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One of the more popular benefits of the far infrared sauna is detoxification. How important is this, exactly, and how can this device facilitate the detoxification process?

Far Infrared Sauna Detoxification

First of all, a far infrared sauna works through the heat waves that it emits out of its heater panels. These heat waves are a form of energy that can penetrate deep beneath the skin, as much as three inches. Because of this pinpoint accuracy, it can target deep tissue, muscles, and even the bones.

The heat directly affects the outer layer of skin. As the heat penetrates the body, it activates the sweat glands, which then cause the pores to open, allowing the sweat to come out. This is a highly efficient, safe way for the body to flush out toxins.

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Why Infrared Sauna Prices Should be the Last Thing on Your Mind

When deciding to invest in a health and wellness product such as an infrared sauna, most people can become too preoccupied with price, even though they shouldn’t be. There are infrared saunas available to fit most budgets, so instead of concentrating on infrared sauna prices, here are some other questions you should ask first:

What Material is the Infrared Sauna Made From?

The kind of wood used for construction really matters in the world of saunas. There are two types of wood that you should choose for their properties, and you may find you have a preference for one over the other.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Questions on Far Infrared Sauna Safety, Effectiveness, and Benefits Answered

If you’ve only recently discovered the wonderful world of saunas, you may be wondering why you always get the advice to use a far infrared sauna. Although they may sound intimidating, far infrared saunas are considered to be among the safest and easiest to use on the market today. This is precisely why it’s becoming such a popular product to have in your own home.

Is It Safe?

The quick answer is yes. Although infrared is a type of radiation, it is not harmful like the UV rays of the sun. Also, the way it processes heat is much more concentrated, allowing you to still sweat a lot inside the sauna although the air inside isn’t steaming hot or stuffy.

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If you’re the type of person who is constantly on the lookout for the latest health and fitness trends, you may want to consider putting the far infrared sauna on your must-have list for 2017. According to various trendwatchers, the infrared sauna is fast gaining recognition not just as an R&R and pampering machine, but also as viable exercise equipment.

Sweating It Out

In the past, far infrared saunas have been largely recognized as simply a supplement to massage therapies. A short, relaxing session inside the sauna helps worn out muscles loosen up and recover, after which a full body massage is employed to completely remove the knots and stiffness in the joints and muscles.

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Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder with a Far Infrared Sauna

It’s that time of year when the sun is only here for what seems like minutes before darkness swoops back in. Unfortunately, for many people, this can make them feel like crawling into bed and not coming out again until spring, kind of like a bear.

The amount of darkness at this time of year tends to bring symptoms such as depression, lethargy, irritability, and can create an urge to overeat and a desire to avoid social situations.
If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Luckily, it can easily be managed in the comfort of your own home.

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Several Skin Concerns that the Best Far Infrared Sauna Can Help You With

 The skin is the largest organ of the body, measuring 1.5 to 2 square meters on the average adult. When you think about what your skin comes into contact with every day, it’s no wonder that many people have acne.

Many people also suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, while others develop wrinkles, fine-lines, and age spots as they grow older. Almost everyone has one kind of skin complaint or another.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why People with Weak Immune Systems Should Buy an Infrared Sauna

 The immune system is an amazing thing, capable of fighting to protect your body against armies of harmful organisms and toxic chemicals. While many people think that the immune system is most vulnerable during cold and flu season, it can actually suffer at any point during the year because of certain lifestyle choices. Things such as unhealthy eating, chronic stress, and not getting enough sleep or exercise all have an effect on your immune system.

There are several ways to boost your immune system, but only a handful of these are natural methods. One such option is to buy an infrared sauna, as its health and wellness properties can be of great benefit to those who have poor immune systems.

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One of the trendiest new items that more and more homeowners are putting on their wish list is the home infrared sauna. It is, after all, luxurious, stylish, and convenient. Some even repurpose spare rooms into a home spa, and installation is easy with pre-fabricated modular units.

Those who have swimming pools in their backyards complement their pool gazebos with outdoor sauna units, too. This makes for a good follow-up to swimming laps in the pool. A lap or two plus a few short minutes in the sauna makes for good interval thermal therapy.

With your own home infrared sauna, you no longer need to sign up for a spa membership to enjoy these benefits. Home infrared saunas are no longer as costly as they used to be, making it all the more feasible for you to acquire one for your own home. Maintenance isn’t too burdensome, as it only requires simple washing and cleaning to ensure cleanliness inside the unit.

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Three Helpful Tips When Looking at Infrared Sauna Options

More and more people are now considering buying a home infrared sauna, not only because it’s getting more convenient, but also because it’s now increasingly economical. Having your own home sauna used to be a major luxury that few people could afford. Nowadays, however, portable, and user-friendly designs make it much easier for folks to have their very own sauna units.

When looking at an infrared sauna for sale, it’s important that you don’t just consider the design and aesthetics. Above all, it must have functionalities that will suit your needs and preferences. Here are some helpful tips to make your sauna shopping go more smoothly.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Quick Look at the Evolution of the Sauna and How the Best Far Infrared Sauna Works

The use of far infrared saunas is growing in popularity, thanks to a host of benefits that can be derived from it. Clearing of the skin, improving blood flow and circulation, and easing muscle pain are all among the much-coveted health benefits provided by regular sauna sessions.

The traditional sauna involves a room where steam is naturally produced from hot water contained in buckets inside the unit. Heat and humidity in the air then induce heavy sweating in the individuals inside. This is why it was popularly known as the “sweat lodge.”

As years went by and technologies improved, traditional sauna rooms gave way to upgraded and modernized units that made use of smarter technology. Today, the most common type of sauna is the Far Infrared Sauna.

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Why an Infrared Sauna for Sale Can Help You Manage Heart Disease

Heart disease is a huge issue for Americans and others across the world. In fact, it’s the leading global cause of death, with over 17.3 million deaths per year attributed to the disease. Anything that can be done to help lower your risk of developing heart disease is certainly worth considering.

Studies and research now show that using a sauna on a regular basis can help manage the effects of heart disease, and can even prevent its onset. If this is an important issue for you, perhaps it’s time to consider looking for an infrared sauna for sale.

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Why a 2-Person Infrared Sauna is Perfect for a Couple

With busy lifestyles, it can be hard for many couples to find quality time together to bond. Many recognize the importance of constantly working on their relationship, and realize that if they don’t, they will soon find themselves drifting apart.

There are many ways in which couples can nurture a healthy, happy relationship, but a 2 person infrared sauna may be the perfect thing to help add some quality time into their routine.

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In recent years, more people have realized that they can improve their homes with upgrades that were previously considered to be luxury items. From indoor pools to hot tubs, spa rooms and private gyms, homeowners are learning that there are many ways to jazz up their property with functional and fancy amenities.

One such amenity is the infrared sauna home kit, which can easily be installed into any home.

Nowadays, personal home saunas are not only widely available, they are also affordable.

Going Modular

If you’re thinking of getting your own personal sauna, you should consider a modular far infrared unit. The great thing about modular units like this from suppliers like JNH Lifestyles is that they are very easy to setup and install. Plus, you can dismantle it and bring it with you in case you need to move. It’s not necessarily a fold-away, as these units have wood panels that will have to be put together, but at least you can rest assured that you can easily bring it with you when you leave.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Why Install an Oxygen Ionizer in Your Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna?

 While a home sauna is already a great investment, buyers should know that there are many excellent accessories that make using it an even more pleasant experience. If you are planning to upgrade your sauna unit, consider getting an oxygen ionizer, which helps generate negative ions in the sauna cabin.

What are Negative Ions?

The first thing to understand is the nature of ions. Ions are a type of particle whose charge is determined by the amount of protons and electrons it contains. When there are more protons, an ion is positively charged; consequently, if there are more electrons, the charge is negative.

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The Basic Benefits You Can Enjoy from Having Your Own Home Infrared Sauna

Saunas have long been recognized as a rejuvenating experience, helping your body relax and refresh by clearing away toxins. Over time, it has evolved from an entire room of heat and steam into modular, electronic equipment that can be customized to fit individual needs.

There are still saunas inside spas, but more people are also recognizing the practical benefits of having their own home infrared sauna. In case you’re still deciding if it’s something worth investing in, here are some general details that you will want to be aware of.

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Sauna with Far Infrared Rays vs. Finnish Saunas and Steam Rooms

There are many kinds of saunas and spa equipment available that you can have installed in your home. The problem is, not all saunas are created equal. As such, it’s important to understand how they differ, and which one is going to best suit your lifestyle.

The truth is that a sauna with far infrared rays is the best choice for a home unit, and here’s why.

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The Best Far Infrared Sauna Reviews Take Your Health into Account

When trying to decide whether or not to go ahead with an infrared sauna purchase, many people turn to reviews to help them make a decision. While they might allow you to generally see whether lots of people like a product or not, even the best far infrared sauna reviews may not give you all the information you need.

Your own personal circumstances are not likely to be comparable to someone else’s. Each person has a unique set of difficulties, problems, and health issues that they’re hoping an infrared sauna can help them manage. Whether a sauna worked or didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same outcome.

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Do you wish you had time for more sauna sessions? Is it getting more difficult for you to find that much needed R&R time, especially in the midst of all your work tasks and personal matters? Maybe it’s time to consider getting an infrared home sauna.

Bringing the Sauna to You

A day at the spa is a huge deal. It’s a once-in-a-while treat, so you try to get as much as you can done in the limited time you have. You want to be able to get the full sauna experience in one go, and hope that the benefits of this recharging visit will sustain you until the next one, whenever that may be. It doesn’t have to be a rare treat, though, as an in-home sauna can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the sauna whenever you please.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017


Living a healthier life doesn’t happen overnight. The truth is, it requires a lot of time, and can be frustrating for some. Set yourself up for success by using a low EMF far infrared sauna on a regular basis. These machines improve your mental and physical life, all while making sure you stay safe. Here is everything you need to know if you are thinking about setting one up in your home or business.

Why Low EMF?

You are probably wondering: Why do I need a low EMF sauna? This is an important question to ask because there are different types of infrared saunas on the market, all of which offer different benefits and costs. EMF, otherwise known as electromagnetic field, is something you don’t want to be at a high level. When you select a model with a low EMF rating, you can rest assured you won’t be exposed to harmful fields that could cause long-term damage in the future.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017


When shopping for your sauna, you may stumble upon what is known as a low EMF far infrared sauna. It’s a good choice for anyone looking to invest in a unit, due to its efficiency and safety. A low EMF sauna utilizes invisible waves of energy on the far infrared end of the light spectrum, which are able to deeply penetrate the body. Thanks to this, your muscles and bones receive the heat needed to function better.

If you just purchased a low EMF sauna, you may be curious to learn more about such health benefits, as well as how EMF works. Knowing these details will help you understand the importance of regular sessions, and how to maximize the sauna's benefits.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

An Infrared Sauna Review for the Weight-Conscious Person

Weight loss can be a difficult subject for a lot of people. While there are those who can eat lots of food and lose weight easily, there are an equal number who struggle to lose even just a pound or two.

Detoxing your body can be a good place to start your weight loss journey, but it helps to know what detox means and what detox tools are available. Detoxing is the removal of potentially harmful toxins from your body through several different methods. It is always best to use a combination of methods to achieve maximum weight loss, instead of focusing on just one. Common detox methods include a balanced diet, eating more fiber, doing more exercise, and surprisingly, using an infrared sauna.

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Problems such as stress and pain can affect many aspects of your life. There are a variety of ways to deal with these problems, but an alternative method is sweeping the nation: thermal therapy via the far infrared sauna. This type of sauna uses light to create heat, and has many benefits you’ll want to take advantage of for an overall healthier life.


Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances or elements from your body. Instead of using traditional methods such as “going cold turkey”, consider using a far infrared sauna. While in a session, you’ll start to sweat. This process is natural, and it lets your body rid itself of all of the impurities you have been putting in it.

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