Thursday, May 11, 2017

Far-Infrared Sauna Reviews: Indispensable Pieces of Information on This New Method of Heat Therapy

Heat and sweat therapy have been around since ancient times. Then, some thousand years ago, the Finns introduced the concept of the sauna. Since then, it has evolved into more advanced incarnations.

One such product of this thermal therapy evolution is the far-infrared sauna, or FIR for short, which was first introduced to the market some years back. In contrast to the traditional heating method, it does not use steam or heated water. Instead, it uses infrared technology to emit light rays that penetrate deep into the skin, heating your cells from within.

Although it’s a fairly new development to sauna therapy, a lot of far infrared sauna reviews have already been written regarding its numerous health and wellness benefits, as well as the precautions related to its use. These are quite helpful when you are still contemplating whether to invest in a FIR system. Moreover, some of these reviews include other information such as product affordability, usability, and even overall aesthetics. Read more from this article:

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