Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Boost Your Brain: Find Out How Infrared Sauna Benefits Your Mental Health

Stress, tension, anxiety - these happen to us every day. In a Stress in America survey, many Americans have reported high levels of stress, and the number of people affected by stress has significantly increased in the past year.

While normal stress, in terms of how it allows the body to endure, is somewhat beneficial, chronic stress is not, as it can increase one’s cortisol hormones. In large amounts, this naturally occurring chemical may lead to weight gain, osteoporosis, digestive problems, heart disease, and diabetes, amongst others. In fact, it plays a huge role in the development of chronic anxiety and depression. Stress reduction, therefore, is crucial in protecting your physical and mental health. One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is through regular sauna sessions. Read more from this article:

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